Colored Pencil Art

By Susan Grimm
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From babies to grandparents and everyone in between, Susan can transform your favorite family portraits into timeless treasures.

Still Life

Susan loves to draw classic cars and has a natural affinity bringing stunning colors and detail to a variety of still life objects.

Daily Life

We live for those precious moments in time that allow us to preserve great memories.  With an amazing eye for detail, Susan can enhance these memories by recreating that moment in vivid detail.


Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my …and dogs, cats, and just about any other animal you imagine!  Susan is an animal lover with a unique ability to bring out the tone and emotion of our favorite furry friends.

“Success is a worn down pencil.”

Robert Rauschenberg

Susan Grimm is an accomplished color pencil artist from Wooster, Ohio.  She has a gift for drawing life-like portraits, still-life and animals.  This is a general summary section that should contain about this many words.

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